Best Sleeve Tattoos

Top Five Best Sleeve Tattoos That Are Stylish And Trending

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Top Five Best Sleeve Tattoos That Are Stylish And Trending

Guess you want to grace your picture album with cute photos of you. It is fine. Have you ever considered a sleeve tattoo? Wait! For how long have you been a tattoo fan? Ok. You have been eyeing your friend’s sleeve tattoo but have never entertained a thought of having one. It is now a couple of more years as a tattoo fan but still your mind is not made up. At times, you may be either in the decision making process or you have no idea of the best sleeve tattoos to ink your arm. To help you find the best, below are five designs that are currently the best.

Combination of bunny tail and mushroom

Wait! When was the last time you watched a cartoon with mushroom or bunny tail? Guess recently. You can now have a replica of your best cartoon on your arm. Though many consider it as an unusual design, it is far more creative than the others. To spice things, you can opt to include another awesome combination of a skull and web. How can you do this? Simple. Have your tattoo artist design a skull trapped in a web. However, pick the most colorful design for a cute finish.

Alice in wonderland

It’s been years since you last watched Alice in Wonderland. Now you have a chance to have a tell-tale tattoo on your arm. It is considered second best sleeve tattoo so you are among the prime tattoos lovers. Though this tattoo is often categorized of complicated designs, there is a secret advantage of having it. The meaning of the scene is only exclusive to you alone. To others, you can only explain to them.

Floral art Tattoo

Is rose your favorite flower still? Guess it is the lily. Was an orchid painting spotted on your wall? You cannot hide your love for flowers anymore, thanks to floral art tattoos. Have a date with a tattoo artist specialized in floral tattoos and get to see different styles first. Is a floral art too tribal? No. Though many of them have a pinch of tribal, the two are different.

Flowers, butterflies and cherries

Are you a lover of diversity? Obviously yes. Why then do you always postpone your tattoo appointment to tentative date? It is because you have never had a final choice. Ok. Can you try doing a sleeve tattoo on flowers, cherries or butterflies? While the combination can be customized to a design of your choice, a little writing can also be included.


How will you memorize a scripture? Till Christ’s resurrection? If you are such an ardent Christian, have scripture tattoos on your arm. You can also include a philosophical saying or two to make your point. What of the writing style? Save yourself the worry since there are many types of styles such as Gothic that will suit you. Being among the best sleeve tattoos, you will always be proud of it.

Let your arm be a window to your interests and things you love by having it inked with the best sleeve tattoos.

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