designing a sleeve tattoo

Tips on Designing a Sleeve Tattoo

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Most people would kill for tips on designing a sleeve tattoo. Okay, it is not all that hard except if it’s your arm we are talking about. You need to fully commit yourself when it comes to designing a tattoo or you will be like; no, that’s not it, I wish I had done it this way or that way. The question would be about what you fancy most or what you prefer more. Where does your interest lie?

First off, let’s get you filled in a bit. You have to do your research. You may like what others have drawn but it may not even look that good on you. So, you want to know about designing a sleeve tattoo? Check this out.

How to design a sleeve tattoo

It all depends on your creativity. So:

  1. Forget everything, clear your mind

As an artist, or someone who wants a tattoo drawn on them, it would be awesome if you would clear your mind. This is because you will want to get those fresh ideas but can’t just because you are stuck on something. If you had an interest in your friend’s tattoo or a tattoo of some buddy on Instagram, then you can just go ahead and take a picture. It can be replicated.

  1. Pick a theme

When it comes to picking the theme, it is quite simple: are you okay with black and grey or are you the color type? Would you prefer macabre or uplifting? If you are starting from scratch then pick a specific theme so the entire piece gets to flow. It would also be okay if the existing piece fits the theme you have chosen.

  1. Consult

Ask a tattoo artist if you have a regular one. Consulting them will help you understand different design options you may have chosen for your sleeve. If you don’t have an artist in mind then you can talk to several and then from there you should organize on a number of sessions where you will meet and design the tattoo.

Getting to know about designing a sleeve tattoo is not all that hard. Try it and you may be surprised at the results.

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