Half Sleeve Tattoos

Top Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

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Top Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

This is one of the most popular tattoo designs done on the arm from the shoulder to the wrist. Fascinating right?  That is, especially how they are made to mimic a sleeve. Before, they were mostly known to men, but now that gender doesn’t really matter, women have developed a certain interest in them. Here are some ideas for half sleeve tattoos for women.

Love tattoos

Do you fancy romance? If you do, then this is the ideal tattoo that you as a lady can ink.  It symbolizes love and affection with its image of two hearts locked together, or with a design featuring cupid, wedding ring, Roman god of love or roses. Such love half sleeve tattoos for women can work to symbolize togetherness.

Flower tattoos

Aside from being pretty and feminine, flowers can also be used to symbolize love, joy, happiness, beauty, innocence, purity and host of abstract qualities. Can a flower have a different meaning from another? However, flowers portray different meanings.

Demon tattoos

Sounds scary, right? Definitely. Did you know that the word demon has its origin in the Greek word “daimon”? It used to mean divine entity right before the word started being associated with evil spirits that brought harm to human beings. However, it is considered as protection from evil spirits according to certain cultures, like Japanese who follow the process of hanging demon faces on their home entrances.

Therefore, according to those cultures inking a demon tattoo as a half sleeve tattoo, whether it is traditional demon motifs or a created one, is purposefully to keep evil away from you.

Skull tattoos

Are you a conqueror or the conquest? Skull tattoos as half sleeve tattoos for women are depicted widely as a belief that one has conquered death. However, beyond the usual skull and crossbones designs, one can add a few more ideas to the art, for example a snake coiling around the eye sockets of the skull, which people believe symbolize acquiring of knowledge that survives beyond death. It offers well when you combine with roses, flames, banners and daggers among others.

Fairy tattoos

Fairies, really? Bet when you hear them you tend to think of magical stuff that you used to imagine while growing up. Fairies are tiny, graceful, creatures that are mostly feminine since small girls to ladies are the ones who fancy their magical stories. They symbolize magic, youth, and innocence. They can also oversee humanity and spirituality. When inked as half sleeve tattoos they look pretty.

Having picked a specific half sleeve tattoo for women, you now need to focus on your future look. As a woman, there is a need to maintain your look even when age takes toll. Will your tattoo look ugly or cute? Have your artist design your future look to be assured of a beautiful aging. Lastly, is it resistant to changes in look when you slim or add weight? Ensure you tattoo cuteness is resistant to every predicted anti-beauty challenge.

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