Tribal Art Tattoos

Tidbits On Tribal Art Tattoos You Should Know

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Tidbits On Tribal Art Tattoos You Should Know

History on tribal art tattoos

How weird does it feel when you realize your tribal owl tattoo is a symbol of death in another community? Feels bad. Now you see the point of having some information before agreeing to pay your tattoo artist a visit? Yeah.

These tattoos are mostly a result of traditional rituals. Many tribes across the globe have their own arts that are not only unique but respected. Are traditional art tattoos are thing from the past? Yeah. Actually, some date back to centuries. Do you know what the arts symbolized? Guess not. Below are three common meanings to tribal art tattoos

Signify rank, heritage or wealth

Have you had a close look at a knight’s arm? There is always a tattoo or two. Same story when it comes to kings and the elite in the olden society. They all had a unique tattoo that “introduced” them instead of speech.

Spiritual barrier

Why did ghosts haunt people in the past? Because people had no tribal art tattoo to ward them off. Once a person attained a certain age, they were inked a specific tattoo that acted as a spiritual shield against evil spirits.

Symbol of beauty

Do you know that beauty is best described in curves? Now you know. Young girls and maids had tribal tattoos drawn on their arms to boost their beauty. Same thing was done to their male counterparts who tried to boost their handsomeness.

Now that you have some tidbits on tribal tattoos, where can you get one? Whoa. Now you are stuck thinking. There are many tattoo artists who have specialized in this field. However, to have a unique experience, consider traveling to various distant countries for an original tattoo by a tribal artist.

To enlighten you on some tribal ideas, below are top three ideas you many consider.


Is New Zealand rugby team your favorite still? Obviously yes. Why then don’t you have a N.Z native tattoo on your arm? Maori is famous for practicing Tamoko tattoos. These are spiral and geometrical tattoos chiseled on your arm with an albatross bone. Is Tamoko an art bound by culture? Yes, but you can opt to have a Kirituhi tattoos instead. This has no specific tribal meaning so anyone can have it done on their arm.


It involves geometric lines and patterns that can either be solid bands of dark colors such as black or light like pink. How is it a unique trial art tattoo? Unlike Maori arts which extend throughout the arm, Polynesia does not extend lower than half your arm.


Are you a lover of nature? If yes, Borneo is the best type or art for your arm. Having its inspiration from the cultural Dayak people, it is a bold type with unique designs. Among the top styles it has include insect and animal arts combined with intricate rosettes among other plants.

Still stuck in the decision making process? No. You are now spoilt for choice but it is normal when it entails tribal art tattoos.

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